The start of Spring is our most creative time of year, and we love it, although it always feels a little strange to be thinking about Christmas and praying for the sunshine!  We are currently looking at choosing the new designs for A/W 17/18 and the process is not an easy one.


We spend a lot of the initial talks going through what we already have.  What are we keeping?  What needs to go?  Is there anything that could do with a little refresh?  Then we start on the new designs.  How much focus do we put on the media trends and how much do we stay with what we know our customers already love?  Is there a happy medium?

Over the past two or three seasons the demand we saw for brown accents has tapered and there is much more demand on greys, taupes and muted pastels.  As well as this there is the current trend for green and blue…but how will this translate in faux fur?

The one thing we know we can rely on is our 20-year experience in faux fur.  We know we can develop designs which will wow our customers and their customers alike!