New Website

New Website!

Katrina Hampton has now moved to a brand new website! Just a few things that you’ll need to be aware of first, however.

Unfortunately our new website is build on a completely different software than our old site, with a completely different database structure. This means that there were a few things that we were not able to carry over. This includes both user accounts and orders/invoices. Customers will unfortunately be required to re-register, and if you have had a wholesale account with us previously then you will also need to get in touch with our sales team (0161 624 4167) to have your new account upgraded. Copies of all previous invoices have been saved, however, and can be provided upon request.

Please also be aware that for the time-being we are only able to accept payments via. PayPal. Our team is working with our payments processor to bring direct credit/debit card payment options to you ASAP, but this may take a couple of weeks.

Any questions or concerns regarding our new website can be directed to our ever-helpful sales team.